1. 🎬 Record videos on YouTube Shorts, Stories, TikTok, VK clips and other social networks.

2. #️⃣ At least 5 tags suitable for video must be added, for example, if the video is about repair and construction, then you can add tags on this topic, if it is about a pet, then you can add tags not only about the pet, but also about pet products.

3. 🤗 Talk about your experience of using ZOZI as the video progresses, but only in a way that it is casual and does not look like an advertisement, we recommend simple words, without standard advertising expressions (example).

4. 🤑 Get money through the referral program by posting your referral link in the comments and description + We will pay you 5000 ₽ for each video that gets 90,000 views.

5. If you didn’t shoot the video, but took other people’s videos, pictures, then you pay only 1000 ₽ for a video from 90,000 views.