1. You receive money from a referral only when he receives it on the balance in the service, the waiting list does not count.
2. All statistics on your referrals are on the page of the referral program, in addition, when the money comes from the referral, you will see a system message with information from whom and how much you received.
3. The referral is the one who clicked on your link and immediately registered.
Is the item on the waiting list HERE in our service? If there is, then everything is in order, the cashback is counted. If the product is not on the waiting list, then cancel the order, and repeat the purchase. If it still isn't working, read HERE the 8 reasons why this may have happened, they are also located on the waiting list. For our part, we can add: All cashback services that say they can see the reason for you not receiving the cashback, usually lie, accusing you of this. Cashback can be stolen by any website or program that you have visited in the last 24 to 48 hours. There are many reasons, so there is one rule: if the order did not get onto the waiting list in 1h, cancel it, and check whether you may have violated one of the 9 rules that are listed on the waiting list page. If you buy in AliExpress, please note that there are Exception shops, which may not pay cashback for goods purchased from them and Exceptions, it’s almost the same, but there is a 0% rate.
There may be several reasons for this:
1. First, check the cashback that arrived with the mode you have chosen, you can check the percentage of your mode in the store where you bought the goods.
2. After, check your bid with the indicated rates on the store activation page.
3. The waiting list has the estimated sums, this not exactly money yet, but rather what AliExpress promises to pay us. When deposited into your account, the sums are often recalculated to a greater or lesser extent, and there are many reasons for this.
4. You have poorly considered the tariffs of Aliexpress for certain products, study the tariff scale, the maximum cashback is not given for all products.
5. Attention! Cashback from each individual purchase on AliExpress cannot exceed 3220 coins.
If you specified mail with us, then simply restore access to it, for this you need to exit the application, then click "Login" and click on the link "Forgot your password?" Below. If you lost the data and did not specify the mail, then send us through the "Feedback" section from three to five order numbers made through our service, as well as the approximate amount on the account, you can see the order numbers in the online stores themselves.
So you just logged out and logged in with a new one, you just need to restore access to the old account by mail. If you lost the data and did not specify the mail, then send us through the "Feedback" section from three to five order numbers made through our service, as well as the approximate amount on the account, you can see the order numbers in the online stores themselves.
To withdraw funds, you need to accumulate the minimum amount on the main account (excluding bonuses), this amount depends on the selected mode, here is a detailed list:
tariff Max - 3360 coins;
tariff Wholesale - 3080 coins;
tariff Lite - 630 coins;
tariff From 0.01$ - 1 coins for Qiwi, YooMoney, AdvCash, 350 coins for WebMoney R and Russian Maps;
For all mode - 2240 coins.
With each new withdrawal of funds, as a gift, only 70 coins (if any) is deducted from your bonus account.

Life hack for those who buy rarely and little:
1. You can give data from the account to your friends and make collective purchases, and after the withdrawal, divide the money.
2. Perform periodically appearing tasks and get money on the balance without purchases.
The confirmation time for a specific cashback can be viewed on the activation page of the store you are interested in, for example, at Aliexpress it: After confirming receipt of the goods: 28-45 days. If a dispute has been opened or AliExpress has congestion: up to 90 days after confirmation. Please note that all days are considered from the moment of confirmation of receipt of the parcel, not the purchase. If you had a refund or partial refund, then Aliexpress express cashback cancels.
In the device settings, you need to find the applications: "Chrome", "Browser", "Aliexpress" and in each of them clear the default actions and cache, depending on the manufacturer of the device, cleaning may differ slightly, but the general principle remains. Here's how to do it, let's take the Chrome app as an example:

Huawei, Honor:
go to Settings > Apps > Chrome > Open by default > RESET SETTINGS, go back one step > Memory > CLEAR CACHE.

go to Settings > All apps > Chrome > Reset to default actions, on the same screen click Clear > Clear cache.
For Xiaomi phones there is more one way - Settings > All apps > at the top right click on the three dots > Default Apps > Open links > Chrome > Open supported links > Select "Always ask".

Other Android devices:
go to Settings > Apps > Chrome > Open by default > Delete defaults.

The steps for resetting the error (using the example of a Xiaomi phone), in general, on all other devices, the scheme will be similar:

You can see all the cashback interest rates on the store page, where you activate cashback.
There are no commissions in ZOZI when withdrawing funds on the modes "From 0.01$" and "Lite", on the remaining modes there are, on average, commissions when withdrawing funds to residents of the CIS: 13.8 - 14.8% , residents from other countries: 16.68 - 28%.

Also, if you are a commercial client and do business through our service, then you may have an additional commission 4.88%, we determine a commercial client by the speed and frequency of withdrawals.
Attention, if you are against commissions, then choose modes that do not have it, they also have a guarantee for the largest cashback. In addition, you should know that in modes with a commission, the guarantee for the largest cashback is subject to commission. This means that after deducting all commissions, you should have the largest cashback among our top competitors + our bonuses.