Found a high stakes cashback service? Send us a link through the form below and we will pay you $ 70, but first, we will analyze the cases when you can be deceived and which stores are covered by this guarantee:
1. Which stores?
Attention! Zozi is the largest cashback for all stores, so you can inform us about any store for which we have not the largest cashback, and we will fix it! However, now, the 70 $ guarantee applies only to Aliexpress and Yandex Market stores, since we do not have tools for controlling rates on all online stores.
2. What cashback services can you compare with?
Only large and well-known services that are at least in the TOP-5 of Google Play services, otherwise, it could be a pyramid, a fraudulent site, or even a site created specifically to receive money under this guarantee.

Attention! When comparing the size of the cashback, do not forget to compare the minimum withdrawal amount and commission when withdrawing, for example: if you find more cashback, but the withdrawal is from $7, then we need to compare it with the "Lite" mode, where the withdrawal is also in the $7 region, and not with the "From 0.01$" mode, if there is a commission for withdrawal, then deduct the commission from the received cashback when comparing.
3. Hot cashbackšŸ”„
We give a guarantee for the biggest cashback on an ongoing basis, which means that even if you remove all promotions, temporary increases, bonuses, the cashback will still remain large. Therefore, when comparing cashback, the guarantee does not apply if there was a temporary and limited promotion in the control cashback service.
In this case, if you wish, you can use the second cashback service , namely during hot deals, and the rest of the time we are.
But note that, as a rule, promotions are limited not only in time, but also in the number of purchases, in the maximum amount, etc. Calculate or check empirically how realistic the purchase of this promotion is more profitable than in Zozi. It is necessary to check it empirically, since the stated often does not agree with the received.
4. For whom?
At the moment, only for buyers from Russia and using all modes, except for the "For all" mode, for those living in other countries, the guarantee is 14.

Always check with the technical support of the cashback service under what conditions the promised interest is calculated and what percentage will be when the current... Also, check the availability of commissions for withdrawal of funds, for example: we do not have any commissions for the "Lite" and "From 0.01$" modes, on the "Wholesale" mode there is a commission up to 18%, but at the same time, it remains more profitable than other rates on the market.

If you have passed all 4 points, then you need to buy the same item at the same time through us and the control cashback service, and then send us screenshots of purchases, cashback, a link to the product, we will double-check and if confirmed, you will receive a bonus.