Ali crashed.
There are failures at the AliExpress store in the form of a decrease or increase in cashback, which is already pending.
We will notify you when the store fixes the problem. This failure concerns the store, not the service, so it is observed in all services.
Fixed an issue with AliExpress.
There was a problem with fixing cashback for residents of all countries except Russia. Please try to buy and test, we see that this problem has been fixed.
Increased Myprotein cashback
Hurry up to buy sports nutrition and proteins with an increased cashback!
Try Mayprotein!
Please update the app.
Don't lose cashback with Aliexpress, the app is updated on time!
Important! Aliexpress
We observe either a delay in orders, or a failure in Aliexpress.
So for all services, they promise to fix the problem within 6-48 hours.
Attention! Expensive goods and goods not from China, buy only after checking the cashback link. To do this, copy the link, paste it into the form below, click check for cashback and, if successful, follow the link provided.
IMPORTANT! For ios customers
There is a lack of cashback in the new AliExpress application, we strongly recommend that you only switch to the old application until we notify about the elimination of the problem.
This is a problem with our service, namely Aliexpress, in other words, it is not our fault, and so now in all other cashback services, which you can check for yourself.
🔥 There are so many of you! Server🔥
Sorry, sometimes there may be delays and freezes, there are too many of you, everyone wants to get the maximum cashback from Zozi 🔥
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