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Update the app and enjoy many new categories πŸ€ͺ Find your favorite πŸ’
Good news πŸ˜ƒ
We have increased the cashback to the maximum in many stores!
Try to find the ones you buy from πŸ€‘
Important! Rules!
Attention! We remind you that by the rules of any affiliate program, it is forbidden to create additional accounts yourself in order to obtain additional benefits. VPN / Proxy will not help to hide this fact, we check for such a violation when ordering payments, and if a violation is found, we reset and block all linked accounts, including the main one.

If you already fall under this violation, please let us know within 10 days, in this case, for the first time, we promise to skip your payments.
New withdrawal methods ✌
Added many new ways to withdraw on the modes "Light" and "From 1 p."
Friends! Due to the difficult situation in the world, the interval for confirming the end of orders from Aliexpress has increased. We see an increase in terms, on average, 30 days.
Zozi for Huawei ✨
Zozi for Huawei devices ✨

Zozi app is now in AppGallery πŸ”₯
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Good news! πŸ˜ƒ
M.Video and Eldorado stores resumed work with cashback ✨
Due to the situation in the world, we recommend not to withdraw money now to users who convert and receive transfers in dollars. We expect the ruble to normalize against the dollar in 1-2 months. Most likely, the withdrawal after this period will be more profitable for you.
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