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How to get up to +4% on every purchase?
Until you get a cashback for coins 200 it will be:
6.9% - Sale
After coins 200:
3.73% - Sale
How to get up to +4% on every purchase?
3.31% - Sale
How to get up to +4% on every purchase?
2.39% - Sale
⛔🙏👇 Rules
1. Cashback will be credited only for purchases through the site, orders through the Neoline application are not paid.
2. Add goods to the cart only after activating the cashback.
Cashback Timeout
Average time: 60 days.
Maximum time: 220 days.
Availability in countries
Израиль, Беларусь, США, Австрия, Бельгия, Болгария, Чехия, Германия, Дания, Эстония, Испания, Финляндия, Греция, Хорватия, Венгрия, Ирландия, Италия, Литва, Люксембург, Мальта, Нидерланды, Латвия, Португалия, Кипр, Польша, Сербия, Франция, Словения, Словакия, Румыния, Швеция
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