The cashback from purchases paid in foreign currency is transferred by the store in rubles to our bank at the exchange rate that was at the time of purchase, because it was at that point in time that you made the purchase.

1. We must pay you at the rate that was on the day of your purchase, as a rule, this rate is lower, but for ease of calculation we take on additional losses and pay at the current rate of purchase $ Sberbank of Russia, except when the exchange rate has grown more than 5% since the moment of your purchase, in this case, we give you an additional 2% to the rate, but subtract everything above .

For example: if you made a purchase a year ago, and withdraw cashback only now, and at the same time the $ exchange rate has increased by 20%, then we will not be able to pay you this difference at our own expense.

2. Also, do not confuse the real purchase rate with a $ bank and general exchange rates (indicated on the Internet).
What happens if my bank account is not in rubles, but in a different currency?
Due to the peculiarities of bank transfers between countries (even if your bank currency is dollars or any other), we will first have to convert money from dollars to rubles at our exchange rate and send it to your Bank or e-wallet, and then your bank will make another conversion into your currency and at your own rate. Unfortunately, this leads to a double loss, they will succeed in correcting it, but we are working to reduce the commission by 2 times when paying to foreign cards and PayPal.